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Posted by Tina on Saturday, March 11, 2006 - 05:19 PM
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Home News Tina writes "March has been a beautiful month! Orchids blooming, blue,blue skies and with the official arrival of spring later this month all of us are thinking more and more of baby Alexa's arrival.Gloria's baby shower was a delightful and delicious celebration. The Armand's home was beautifully decorated for the long awaited event which was so much fun for this future Grandma. While visiting last weekend I got to see Alexa's nursery with all the new additions. Truely, Gloria has a flair for decor and style just like her Mom! Another wonderful event was Dave and Lori's visit. Gene and I took off from school to be home when they arrived and Paul and Gloria spent the morning with them in Miami before Dave and Lori came over our way.We had a great time getting to know Lori and even though Tiger was Mr.Scaredy Pants all the other kitties took to Lori . Dan is now on his spring break as of yesterday. He will have lots to report I am sure! I think its great that Christian's family is taking Dan and some of Chrisitian's friends out on the Atlantic Ocean on their newest "floating vehicle"! In closing, I am still awestruck by the video Paul sent of Gloria's 33 weeks ultrasound of Alexa. She definitely was putting on a show for everyone !"

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Sittin' in Library killing Time!!
Posted by Gene on Tuesday, January 24, 2006 - 06:36 PM
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Home News Gene writes "Did not get a chance after Xmas to tell about our cruise, Key West, Cosumel, and Belize. Key West still showed considerable storm damage, may be along time before they are back to "normal". It was to rough to get off ship in Cosumel. Belize was OK for what we saw, didn't get to Barrier Reef, had to do Patch reefs closer inshore. Slot machine luck was good-came home with more money than I left with. We are now busy doing yard and house work waiting for Spring Break and going fishing in the Keys. Weather has been great, 70's & 80's-spring weather, but we will get a "cool" spell anytime now!! Even went out on boat last weekend-caught 3 Bonnethead sharks and spent "quality" time with Tina."

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Alexa's Nursery
Posted by Tina on Sunday, January 01, 2006 - 07:50 PM
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Events Stuff Tina writes "

Over the Christmas Holidays Paul and Gloria's spare bedroom was transformed into Alexa's nursery. Under the direction of the future dad, Paul provided the precise direction and guidance for creating Alexa's "Bunny Room". The solid green walls were replaced with a pink wall, the color Marshmallow Bunny. Country Pink stripes were added on the crib wall and doorway area.

Alexa's Nursery

The two uncles Dan and Dave did an awesome painting job" according to the dad-to-be Paul. The beautiful nursery furniture fit perfectly with just enough room for the baby cradle that had to be completely assembled. Fortunately, there are plenty of family members handy with screwdrivers. Next job is decorating Alexa's room!


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Almost made Retirement
Posted by Gene on Friday, December 16, 2005 - 04:17 PM
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Home News Gene writes "Tina managed to surprise me for my birthday with some lame excuse to go to the neighbors to take a picture of a screech owl..it worked..after 30+ years she finally got me.We had a great time thanks to Patty. Next morning I surprise Tina, not that way again!!, I was checking my lotto numbers, the paper said 117 people won with 5 of 6 numbers. 117 was my old park service number. I had 5 of 6 numbers--missed the 15 million by 3, but I did win over $4000, my Xmas present to my credit card. Off to Miami for Xmas with the new parents to be and a 5 day curise for Tina and I, going to see Belize....Merry Christmas."

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Posted by Tina on Monday, November 28, 2005 - 03:28 AM
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Home News Tina writes "As bedtime approaches and Thanksgiving holiday weekend comes to a close, Gene and I cannot help but feel that we are truely blessed with three wonderful sons and in the months to come grandparents of a baby girl! We give thanks for our oldest son's beautiful wife Gloria and her family - they have enriched our lives in so many ways. Looking forward to Christmas when we will all be together! "

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