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Wine tasting in Estero!
Posted by Tina on Sunday, March 04, 2007 - 06:09 PM
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Home News Tina writes "Gene and I have previously enjoyed wine tasting in the wine country of California and on our last cruise when rough seas cancelled our stop in Cozumel and we substituted a wine tasting event on the ship. Yesterday we decided to visit "The Grape" at our Coconut Mall and with lovely outdoor weather we planted ourselves in their outdoor cafe . We had a splash of several white and red wines to complement my Greek salad and Gene's Roast Beef Sandwich. Complimentary bread and dipping oil rounded out our meal. The menu includes a wide array of appetizers, salads.pitas,sandwiches, fruits, desserts plus pages upon pages of wine choices.Our favorite for this first visit was for me a Zolo Sauvigon Blanc and for Gene a Pennautier Cabardes. Mine was fruity and flowery-what can I say! "

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Spring is almost here!
Posted by Tina on Friday, March 02, 2007 - 01:30 AM
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Home News Tina writes " February was a wonderful month. Two weekends with cold fronts that swept away the hot flashes and on alternate weekends Alexa and her parents came to visit! Alexa has played in the huge bounce "castle" twice but the visit last weekend she really enjoyed playing peek- a- boo in it, make the floor "bounce", and playing with all the brightly colored balls that came with the castle.If the castle would hold a grandma's weight I would dive in there with her!
Alexa ,like her Godfather when he was her age, "loves to fiddle with entertainment tapes. Instead of pulling out tapes in 8 track tapes like her Uncle Dave, Alexa likes to remove DVD's on the entertainment cabinet shelf and drop them on the floor.Alexa did listen to Gloria on their later visit and stopped pulling them down when Gloria firmly said No. I have to admit it was cute watching Alexa gently touching the DVD's and looking at Gloria to see her reaction!
Hope the weather is nice when Dan comes down to visit next week. Maybe we will have to checkout the water slides down in Naples if the weather continues to get warmer! "

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Rocky Mountain High
Posted by Tina on Wednesday, January 17, 2007 - 12:52 AM
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Land Travel Tina writes "It is now 2 weeks since our return from our family trip to Breckenridge, Colorado and I am still "Colorado Dreaming". Breckentridge was decked out beautifully in holiday lights and the snow as if on cue began to fall after we safely arrived. And those mountains just seemed to just rise forever to the heavens above!! The sons and Gloria and even my husband who has not skiied in over 40 years were much better than I. Getting up after falling was quite a physical challenge. Definitely the key to success is control and not falling.I will probably give skiing another try on our next winter ski trip before calling it quits forever!It was fun playing in the snow- looking forward to playing in the snow with Alexa when she gets older and helping her make her first snowman. The snowmobiling was a blast and I would do it again as long as my dear husband drives!! I guess I am really OLD now that Paul, my eldest son, is 30 years old! During our visit this past weekend to celebrate both Gloria's and Paul's birthdays we got to see the DVD Paul and Gloria created plus a really cool photo album they had made for all of us. Thanks to all the photos and videos of Dan, Paul, and their Dad we have a wonderful collection of all the fun family time in Breckenridge , Colorado. And whenever it gets too hot in Florida I will look at the DVD and "chill"....."

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UCF Homecoming
Posted by Tina on Thursday, November 09, 2006 - 02:56 AM
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Family News Tina writes "We joined Dan and his college friends for their homecoming game against the East Carolina Pirates last weekend. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon for football with a lovely autumn breeze and clear sunny skies followed by a full moon in the evening as the last quarter came to a close.I went to East Carolina my sophomore year and Gene earned his master's degree there but neither of us ever attended their football games since we never were on campus during the weekends.We cheered for the UCF Golden Knights during the game and I truely thought I would be their lucky charm. No matter- we enjoyed the game and had a great time spending the weekend with our youngest son. We were quite impressed with all the new construction on campus and our looking forward to returning next year for a football game in UCF's new stadium!"

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Summer's End
Posted by Tina on Thursday, October 05, 2006 - 02:40 AM
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Events Stuff Tina writes "It still is very warm in the afternoon but the dryer breeze and slight coolness when heading out the door in the early morning makes me think fall is on its way!The last two months at school have been quite hectic but the pace is slowing to a more reasonable level. Best of all, Mary next door and I planned a trip to the Florida Keys with a visit to Gloria and Paul's the end of September. We kept our fingers crossed that a hurricane would not ruin our plans and our wish came true. My dear husband was our designated driver and like us needed a break in the work , house, yard routine. We enjoyed beautiful weather during our stay in Marathon and just lazed around the pool, reading, swimming,and enjoying delicious Keys delectables like conch fritters,lobster bisque, and grilled grouper. On Sunday we headed back toward Miami with a short visit to Robbie's Marinain at Islamorada. This time I managed to feed a tarpon with my hand literally in its mouth and thanks to my husband and oldest son have a one of a kind video "Tina vs. the Tarpon. The rest of Sunday and Monday was spent with Alexa. All of us were entertaining her but in turn she was doing everything imaginable to entertain us. Giggling, smiling into the camera, drinking water out of a glass, holding her toes all the way to her head, snuggling over and over again into her grandpa's chest, mimicking her dad, laughing at her mom's rhymes and phonics phrases, and giving this grandma one terrific time!"

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