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Family Happenings
Posted by Tina on Friday, November 09, 2007 - 02:46 AM
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Events Stuff Tina writes " After a very warm October autumn raced in this past week! 50's nights and 70's days- never thought it would arrive! We headed up to UCF for their homecoming November 3rd and together with Dan and Dave enjoyed a easy victory over Marshall.Not a cloud in the sky just a fast moving blimp that dipped a big low as it circled above! It was fantastic being in UCF's new stadium and we were quite empressed by the stunning statue of the Golden Knight on Pegasus at the stadium's entrance!
On Sunday we took advantage of the free educators passes to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. The parks were not terribly busy so we were able to enjoy quite a few rides in just a few hours!
Since school began for teachers on August 13 it seems like all updates stopped so just a few highlights since then. We had a family get together the weekend before Labor Day.The sons played a bit of pool in the Fountain Lakes Clubhouse and did their best to outplay Dan to no avail. Alexa got a chance to spend some time with her Uncle Dan and Uncle Dave.
Over Labor Day weekend we headed up to Raleigh for Stella and Doug's wedding.We finally met Doug and his family and got to catch up on family news with all my relatives! I am so happy we were able to share Stella and Doug's special day...
On September 24th we brought home a little gray tabby kitten to join our lonely Tiger. She is long and lean with a very skinny tail and has a very sweet face. Little Pechu has a purr that is louder than any I have ever heard!
The last weekend before Halloween we took off for a 3 night stay in Marathon with Mary and Charlie and even though we had lots of wind we manged to have a fun time relaxing in the Florida Keys!

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Summer Projects
Posted by Tina on Monday, August 06, 2007 - 05:15 PM
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Home News Tina writes "The last 2 weeks my dear husband and I have decided to take the plunge and create a small water lily pond near the front door. With the dead cycad's large root removed the remaining hole begged to be replaced with something calming like moving water and colorful like water lily plants. Gene selected a beautiful rock called Tennessee Cobblestone for accents and with our frog statuary and colorful water lily plants we created a little retreat to relax when the temperatures cool down some. Dan has been here for a week between his move to a new apartment the middle of August. He had to bring home all his stuff but since he is no a pack rat like his mom he was able to get everything in the car.
Water Lily Pond
Gloria, Paul, and Alexa were here this past weekend. Alexa seemed to really enjoy playing in our pool. She was kicking her legs as she was being held tummy down in the water and did not get upset when she got occaisonally got water on her face. We got to hear all her new words-never guessed fish would be on that list of firsts! Paul and I completed another summer project- a 16 minute coral reef video we started in May. His technical talent and my creative input resulted in a narrated video on the coral reef ecosystem in the Florida Keys. "

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Big Bend Bound
Posted by Tina on Friday, July 20, 2007 - 08:51 PM
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Events Stuff Tina writes "Four days after we returned from Paul and Gloria'a we headed up first to Orlando to see Dan . While there we checked out UCF's new football stadium and also the new apartment complex Dan is moving into in August. The next morning we headed up with Dan to visit Dave and Lori in Tallahassee. We drove through some heavy rains just before reaching I-10 and the Lincoln's exterior temp reading was 73 degrees! Those summer rains do cool us down, at least for awhile. We had a wonderful time eating out at a variety of restaurants while in Tallahassee. Miller's Ale House was superb- definitely we will visit the one newly built in the Gulfcoast Town Center. Dave knows his parents love of plants and animals and we spent one day visiting the McClay Gardens and the Tallahassee Museum outdoor park.Surprisingly for Mid July the outdoor temperatures were comfortable and we could really enjoy the outdoor parks we visited. The whole time we drove around I just "feasted" on the unbelievably huge and equally beautiful live oaks festooned with the hanging spanish moss. Reminded me of the North Carolina where we lived before heading to Florida. For our beach day Dave recommended St. Georges Island southwest of Tallahassee where Lori and him usually go . We had fun lazily bobbing up and down with our beach rafts with big waves only appearing every so often . Right on the beach was the Blue Parrot Seafood Restaurant and we all thoroughly enjoyed the seafood and non seafood! We saw both Ratatouille and the Transformers movies while we were in Tallahassee and I did my share of laughing watching them. It was great getting together with Dave and Lori and checking out the capital city of Florida!"

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Having fun with Alexa!
Posted by Tina on Friday, July 20, 2007 - 07:46 PM
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Family News Tina writes "On July 6th Gloria and Paul left for a 3 night cruise and happily we volunteered to take care of Alexa! They left during her nap- and when she awakened she just looked at us and seemed to be thinking " Well they are not my Mom and Dad but I will give them a chance." Alexa loved her Grandpa making her bounce and fall in the bounce house, Grandma dipping her in and out of the pool playing "rough seas", and of course smiling whenever the camera came out to capture her in all those special moments... I figured we would see some crankiness one evening but Alexa was just full of smiles and giggles as we played away the weekend. Naw, we did not spoil our granddaughter- Alexa will never tell......"

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Wild, Wild West
Posted by Tina on Sunday, June 24, 2007 - 07:46 PM
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Land Travel Tina writes "All of our trips out west except for the Breckenridge Colorado Ski Trip this past December always involve the Pacific Ocean and breathtaking rocky coastlines.My dear husband- a true lover of rocks and minerals- has patiently waited for his trip to the 4 corners ( Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico). So on June 2nd we flew out to Durango. Colorado and embarked on a 10 day road trip that took us through some of the most isolated and rocky terrain in the U.S.A. To my surprise the scenery was a combination of incredible beauty, starkness, breathtaking cliff hanging lookouts, awe-inspiring 200 mile panoramic views, and well you get my point.....INCREDIBLE! Whenever I saw the UTAH ROCKS t-shirts I had to smile and agree. We spent half of our trip in Utah where we encountered elevations from 6,000 to over 9,000 ft. We drove through a snowstorm north of Boulder,Utah in the Dixie National Forest at 9,760 feet on June 6th! We saw hummingbirds everywhere-yes besides rocks there are flowers in Utah plus plenty of hummingbird feeders!!! We saw mule deer throughout the trip, a young mountain lion 300 feet behind our room at Boulder Mountain Lodge, and a released California Condor at the Navajo Bridge near Marble Canyon, Utah. We discovered that the Grand Canyon is deep ( 1 mile down) but the beauty of Bryce Canyon and the dizzying height of Zion Canyon rock formations are spectacles just as impressive.
My husband's long awaited photo of my derrière sitting on the 4 corners monument marker never happened. I decided to place my hands in Colorado and Utah and my feet in Arizona and New Mexico or was it the other way around as he took the picture. We once again enjoyed a legendary train ride - this time from an old mining town Silverton Colorado to Durango. Silverton gets over 300 inches or snowfall yearly and some of it was still on the ground in June! Also in SW Colorado we visited Mesa Verde National Park and explored the cliff dwellings ( climbing 30 foot ladders at the Balcony House) and learned so much about the Pueblo People.
Yes, I have to admit I did not miss the Pacific ocean on this trip. I will have to go back to Colorado again now for another reason . Besides snow I have to see all those aspen trees in their glorious golden color...."

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