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Heating up!
Posted by Tina on Friday, May 23, 2008 - 12:03 AM
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Home News Tina writes "Well I spoke too soon! The humid air has descended on South Florida. Last year at this time school was finished. This year students are done on June 6th-everyone agrees the old schedule was much better! We did not travel anywhere last weekend- it would have been tough since my dear husband has been hurting now for over a week with back , leg, and hip pain. And all he did was reach over the table to put a bead back in its container. What about all those heavy bags of rocks he lifted last summer? Go figure..... Here's hoping physical therapy helps. Some updates-the May 10th Key Largo snorkeling trip was good but the water clarity did not rival last year's. Paul did manage to get some excellent baracuda video footage.It was wonderful visiting with the grandchildren and enjoyed spending Mother's Day at the Armand's. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family! ! "

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Disney World - Again!!!
Posted by Tina on Sunday, May 18, 2008 - 01:42 AM
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Events Stuff Tina writes " On May 1 we headed up to Disney World and celebrated Alexa's and Dan's birthdays at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. Dave arrived just as we got seated and we hungrily dined on the yummy calimari and assorted entrees. The boat ride that night was surprisingly cool- we lucked out with the weather the entire visit. Humidity and heat has not descended into Florida even now in mid May. The accomodations were wonderful at the Riverside Port Orleans. Oak and magnolia trees were everywhere and lovely walkways meandered among all the trees. We saw river otters, herons, egrets, and ducks in all the different waterways. We spent the entire next day at Hollywood Studios(MGM) checking out the rides and shows. The Mickey Mouse Playhouse Show was fun and Alexa got to see all her favorite Disney friends. The afternoon parade was full of gymnastic performers bouncing all over!! The Race Car Stunt show was fantastic and action packed. The last event "Fantasia" with the water and lights was well worth the late stay in the park but definitely we were all tired - Alexa dozed off in the bus.
On Saturday morning we ate breakfast at the Beach Club and this grandma got a nice hug from Goofy! Yes, Alexa still favors Daisy- but Goofy is my favorite. Just love those whiskers!!!!"

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Spring is soon a Memory!
Posted by Tina on Tuesday, April 29, 2008 - 02:49 AM
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Family News Tina writes " Since Paul Andrew's birth we have found ourselves at Paul and Gloria's more than ever! Mary came over with us one weekend to meet Paul Andrew and see Alexa and then drove back with Dee Dee and Keith after their week in Marathon. It worked out that the weekend our spring cruise on the NCL Sun began that Dave was also coming down to Miami for a job related convention. It was amazing how big Paul Andrew was after not seeing him for 3 weeks.He might have been smaller than Alexa at birth but he is definitely on the fast track. Looking at photos of Alexa I see some resemblance between him and her. And I see some of Gloria but we all seem to agree that there is no strong resemblance like Paul and Alexa. I guess time will tell- just like his eyes- will they be hazel with maybe a touch of green?
Alexa's birthday at Gymboree was so much fun for the children! Alexa could not get enough of the " bounce along the long cylinder and land into the inner tube". She must have got in line over a half dozen times. Paul Andrew spent the whole party dozing in our arms. He just loves to be held! To his parents surprise he slept until 6:00 a.m.that morning. Maybe he will give Paul and Gloria more rest.....
We gave Alexa her first Duplo set ( preschool version of Legos). Time will tell if she becomes a big fan of Legos like her Dad and Uncles Dave and Uncle Dan.

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The Best Valentines Gift!
Posted by Tina on Friday, February 15, 2008 - 02:47 AM
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Family News Tina writes " We received a wondeful early Valentines Gift- Gloria delivered a beautiful son, Paul Andrew on February 11th! Already he has charmed this Grandma.I was in seventh heaven as I rocked the little fella - many wonderful memories of his big sister Alexa when she was a newborn danced through my mind. Like her such a sweet baby....
Paul Andrew is the 4th generation Paul in the Csonka family- we welcome him and rejoice in his arrival!"

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Just Retired !!
Posted by Gene on Monday, February 04, 2008 - 03:28 AM
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Home News Gene writes "Yes, I finally did it.Officially retired on Jan.14 at 10:30am after 43 years in education. I"m getting used too Tina getting up at 5;45 am and me staying in bed until 9. It has been an adjustment but I'm managing, trying to work inside and outside each day, but with the weather being so nice for February, I'm outside most of the day. Signing up for all the social security and medicare paperwork has taken much of that inside time. Should get my first S.S. check tomorrow. We have a new kitten, "Meschu" will put up some pic's. We got her so Tiger would have some one to play with but she keeps him going all day long. They have really bonded, even thouigh Tiger's look doesn't always agree. Paul Andrew is due in a few weeks, car is always gassed up-we are ready to go to Miami. Got a new roof on house, lawnmower has died and we need a new boat trailor, so much for saving any money. Come on Giants!! 29 seconds to go!!! They did it!! Great game.
And wonderful wife wins $100 for the first quarter score in a football pool. "

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