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Beach Hotel Visit
Posted by Tina on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 - 12:13 AM
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Family News Tina writes " Even though Alexa and Paul Andrew had been sick with upper respiratory problems this past week they perked up on the weekend so we were able to take them to Solara Surfside- a beach hotel. Alexa was very excited to head over late Saturday afternoon and first order of business was Paul Andrew and her checking out the 2 bedroom condo unit . We headed out to the beach late ( around 7pm)and it was amazing how warm the Atlantic Ocean was - mid 80's at least! Alexa thoroughly enjoyed standing at the water's edge and watching the very gentle waves roll in and Paul Andrew was fearless. Paul had to hold him back - Paul Andrew was ready to leap in! Something tells me my grandchildren are loving water more and more as time rolls on!!

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Autumn has Arrived
Posted by Tina on Monday, September 28, 2009 - 07:37 PM
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Events Stuff Tina writes " It is officially fall but in reality it is still summer. I know the hot and muggy weather will leave when the almost daily rains halt and a front arrives with lower humidity but I am growing impatient. I guess when you travel to states with cooler summer temperatures it makes you more aware of the heat and humidity. Okay, enough whining….
I have enjoyed the pool this summer . The water aerobics I do are fun and provide another way to exercise and I guess , at least to Alexa , quite entertaining. The end of August when we were visiting in Miami we had a great time in the pool. When she was not skimming along with the water noodle I brought over she was calling out with me the number of repetitions of my leg kicks . Unfortunately, Paul Andrew could not join us since he was recovering from a cold.
Dan joined us when we were over at Paul and Gloria’s- it was the end of his summer break with fall classes starting up that week. We enjoyed a great lunch at Chili’s and both Alexa and Paul Andrew did very well at the restaurant!
Students have already completed five weeks of classes in Lee County. We have switched to an alternate day block schedule which gives teachers seven class periods. The current budget crunch launched this schedule and I have to say that 84 minute class periods are much better for science instruction than the 45 minute classes we have followed for several years.
We did not travel over this four day weekend- no hurricanes so far meant an extra day off from school. A minor case of bronchitis hit on Thursday night so it was better we stayed home and took it easy. Did get started on some projects like creating folders of pictures from years of Estero Bay field trips that are stored on old hard floppies . Need to get out of the Dark Ages….

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Another Portland- Maine!
Posted by Tina on Thursday, September 10, 2009 - 02:47 AM
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Land Travel Tina writes " Just 10 days before heading back to school we began our next adventure - north to Maine! Daniel had visited us for a few days and drove us to the airport before heading back to Orlando . Flying again to Portland ( like last fall when we went to New Hampshire) we again rested up near the airport and took off in our rental car the next morning !
Though New England had mostly a cool rainy summer our visit was filled with sunny skies and 75-80 degree weather. So what did we do? We climbed the tiny 50 foot tall Pemaquid Lighthouse. Exploring many rocky beaches we found several colorful stones. Seafood and blueberry desserts were the mainstay of our diet. The splendor of Acadia National Park was everything we hoped and more! We walked around the West Quoddy Lighthouse as the fog rolled in and got to hear those somewhat eerie foghorns calling out to distant boats. In Houlton, Maine we ate in a historic bank now called The Vault Restaurant and at Hopewell Rocks we watched a 35 foot tidal range in 5 hours.
We tried blueberry wine in New Brunswick Canada and enjoyed Tim Horton's donuts in northern Maine. The drive through Baxter State Park did not reveal those elusive moose I still have not seen in New England! Our final day in Maine carried us into New Hampshire for a few miles - would have loved to visit our cabin we stayed in last fall! After our week in Maine my dear husband and I have no doubts that Maine is a great place to visit but many of the roads need repair. Could those Maine winters be at fault?

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Oregon Memories
Posted by Tina on Friday, July 31, 2009 - 12:32 AM
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Land Travel Tina writes "
Oregon Memories

Soaring snow-topped mountains
Calming cascading streams
Chirping birds and chipmunks delight!

Willowy waterfalls
Fragrant flowery plants
Hidden hillside delights!

Streaming sunlit rays
Forest fragrance pervades
Mountain meadows so bright!

Rocky rivers give way
Wild waves pound away
Sensational sunsets to stay
in Memories I cannot forget...... What delights!"

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Family Get together in Orlando
Posted by Tina on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 - 08:51 PM
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Family News Tina writes " We decided that it would be great if we could fit in a family get together and since we had not visited the Fountains in Orlando this looked like the ideal spot! Dad and I arrived a day ahead of everyone else and along with Dan we got to see a rainstorm that whirled in like a surprise tropical storm. Dan has mentioned from time to time the intensity of Orlando thunderstorms! Wow, he was not joking! Fortunately, the next day when Gloria's parents and grandparents arrived the rain was more tame.
Alexis really enjoyed the pool area and her little dolphin squirt gun! Paul Andrew was in the covered floating toddler seat for just a few minutes when the drowsies hit him hard. I have a complete set of other small squirt guns for them to enjoy next summer when they are a year older!
Dan and Dave headed to Blizzard Beach for a few hours- had a great time but the wait lines were a bit long as to be expected. January is probably the best time for short lines I would imagine. Fortunately, after his class, Paul was able to have dinner with us at Outbacks but unfortunately the space shuttle launch was delayed. I had my fingers crossed that it would happen- blame it on all those pesky afternoon thunderstorms!! "

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