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Must be Spring on the Way!
Posted by Tina on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - 01:03 AM
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Family News Tina writes " As usual my seasonal allergies arrived with the March winds. I did not notice any pine pollen gathering on the vehicles though- that is not the norm. On March 1st I began Zumba and wow what a workout but hey I like to dance and who knows maybe I will learn how to properly dance!
Paul and Gloria celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary- it does not seem that many years since they were married. But then in 3 years Gene and I will have been married 40 years! I finally have my dress for Dave and Lori's wedding and found the perfect shoes. Alexa is so excited about being a flower girl at their wedding.A little princess she will be!!
Dan visited us during spring break and we tried to eat out every 2-3 days. We did a wine tasting in Estero one evening that was well attended , had a huge variety of wines to sample, and even included dinner.
This past weekend Gene took me to Captiva and we went on a cruise to Cabbage Key. We had a great time cruising - the weather was wonderful and the water very clear. We saw several manatees while waiting for the boat to depart and while waiting for the Captiva Cruise boat to pick us up for the return trip we got to see 2 river otters steal food out of a cooler on the back of someone's boat! Those bandits each grabbed a gallon size ziplock and dove back into the water. Our lunch was great- we dined at the only restaurant on Cabbage Key which has walls festooned with literally thousands of dollar bills! Periodically they remove a few thousand and donate to charity.
On the way back we had several bottle noise dolphin swim for a few minutes along side the boat and leap over the wake as they love to do. We definitely had a fun day playing tourist. On Sunday, spring officially arrived - summer temperatures will not wait for June. So, better get out outdoors to enjoy this weather!!!"

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February in Florida
Posted by Tina on Sunday, March 20, 2011 - 10:57 PM
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Events Stuff Tina writes " The weather was not too cool in February- well maybe for my dear husband. Even so, Gene headed out on February 16th to Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed with me, 2 dozen students and different environmental agency staff members to collect data on bird populations. Gene and I logged hundreds of hours hiking and researching for many years the plant and animal populations in CREW and it was a joy to return for further study. The data we collected will be entered on a database that will be utilized for long term study for students and different agencies.
On Saturday,February 19th we drove over to Miami to visit with Paul, Gloria, Alexa and Paul Andrew. We arrived in time for me to go with Gloria to Alexa's music class which I always enjoy! On Sunday we celebrated Paul Andrew's 3rd birthday!! Paul Andrew and all his party mates had a grand time at his party. It was fun playing with all the gymnastic equipment and as usual the youngsters had boundless amounts of energy... It was a very Happy Birthday for my adorable grandson Paul Andrew!!"

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Christmas and Ringing in the New Year
Posted by Tina on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 - 02:30 AM
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Family News Tina writes " After being in freezing temperatures for 5 days in Wisconsin Dells I was hoping we would not have a 85 degree Christmas Day. A real warm Christmas Day is not my '"cup of tea". Gloria, Paul, Alexa, and Paul Andrew arrived Christmas early afternoon. Unfortunately, Alexa and Paul Andrew had been sick for a week- Alexa much worse. We did our cookie baking and opened presents but Alexa was not herself. She wanted to nap and go to bed early! The next day she seemed a bit better. We headed to Coconut Mall and while there a cold front arrived and not having worn a very warm jacket I felt colder then back at Wisconsin!! We headed to Barnes and Nobles Starbucks Cafe for some warm- up beverages.Back at the house Alexa and Paul Andrew enjoyed their tunnel we got them for Christmas. Dan and Paul received remote controlled helicopters from Dave. All of us were amazed at the maneuverability of these pint size choppers. Simba not the brightest of the kitties had no fear...
That evening after Paul, Gloria and our sweet grandchildren headed back home to Miami we headed up to even chillier North Ft. Myers to visit with Mary, Charlie, and Dee Dee. Lori arrived on December 28th for an overnight visit- she and Dave had been apart since before Thanksgiving when she moved to Denver. Lori and Dave headed to Orlando for a few days to spend some together before she had to fly back to Denver. Dave will be driving out to join her sometime after mid January. For New Year's Eve my friend Jane joined us at Outbacks- yummy! Dan stayed a few days after New Year's then headed back up to UCF. The parents are home alone except for
the kitties.....
The holidays are past and a New Year is here. I wish to all much love, good health, good times, and much success in all we set out to accomplish! "

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Winter Wonderland in Wisconsin Dells
Posted by Tina on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 - 01:46 AM
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Family News Tina writes " The tree and trimmings are packed away and school is back in session. It was a busy Christmas holiday but one filled with family, friends, and good times. Before we headed out to Wisconsin Dells on December 20th we had two cold fronts that made the national news. Wisconsin had subzero temperatures the week before we arrived!!Besides the cold they had over a foot of snow and the Metro-dome in Minneapolis collapsed. I began to wonder if this winter wonderland might turn out to be a nasty nightmare! Dan and Dave joined us for this pre - Christmas Wisconsin trip and together we flew to Milwaukee on a direct flight with no complications. Thankfully, the temperatures hovered around upper 20's to 20 degrees at night with light snowfall every other day. My dear husband drove the 3 hour drive from the Milwaukee airport to the Bluegreen Christmas Village without a worry! A Pennsylvanian native ,he has the skill to drive on snowy roads.
We had lots of fun at Wisconsin Dells. Dan both skied and snowboarded , Dave skied, I snow-tubed, and Dad and Dan videotaped the winter wonderland. We had a blast at the indoor water park Kalahari and Dad tubed on a water slide for the first time! We headed one day over to Devil's Lake and we got to see a frozen lake where hardy Wisconsin fishermen fish through ice. Dad and Dave got some really great pics of the hillsides and formations around the Devil's Lake. We arrived home on Christmas Eve - my friend Jane picked us up from the airport- and we jumped into Christmas Day preparations!! We were very fortunate our travel plans worked out so well!!!"

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Thanksgiving 2010
Posted by Tina on Tuesday, December 07, 2010 - 09:19 PM
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Family News Tina writes " On November 19th Dan, both my brothers Bob and Tom and his wife Anita arrived at Estero to help us jumpstart the Thanksgiving Holiday . We had a delicious dinner from Boston Market with all the sides - just love the creamed spinach and sweet potato casserole! Corky was very sweet to our kitties and did not chase them at all- Simba was mostly oblivious to Corky's presence... Later that evening we walked around Coconut Mall and enjoyed the lovely weather. Saturday was football day so Anita and I explored Miramar Outlet. We had a girl's day out that was so relaxing - once again just gorgeous weather!!! On Sunday we ate breakfast at our favorite spot- Perkins- and then Tom and Anita headed back to the Fl. Keys. Bob and I checked out Fleamaster's later that day and found some great bargains at their farmer's market . Bob just loved the way I fix fried eggplant... I had school on Monday and Tuesday so Bob received private computer lessons from Dan who is a terrific teacher. He seems to have the natural ability to explain concepts with just enough info to keep you advancing but not too much to create confusion. Many a time over the years I have asked Dan for computer help . They also played billiards at our clubhouse and for the most part they are equal in skill but Bob's back complained after their second day of pool. We are getting older... On Wednesday I fixed the turkey and Dave arrived with Jack. Jack is a cute long haired dacshund that just loves tennis balls. The cats decided not to make friends again- of course if Jack and them had more time together they would get use to each other... On Thursday Gloria, Paul, Alexa, and Paul Andrew arrived. Alexa loved the jumping ball I got here. Paul Andrew is still a bit to small. We headed over to the Estero Community Park for a visit and then back at the house it was time to fix some side dishes . Mary and Charlie arrived with apple, pecan, and pumpkin pies ( yummy) and we had our Thanksgiving dinner.Alexa and Paul Andrew were recovering from their colds but to see them running around playing you would not have known it. We did some shopping, Paul and Gloria hit Miramar Outlets at midnight and I went to Steinmart at 6:30 am! We had leftovers on Friday but Saturday we did lunch at TGIF and Dan produced a spectacular movie of our Coconut Mall visit. Alexa looks like a movie star with Gloria's sunglasses!! Paul, Gloria, and the grandkids headed back to Miami late Saturday afternoon with Dave heading back Sunday morning to Tallahassee for that lonnggg drive.... On Sunday Bob, Gene, and I headed to Bonita Beach to enjoy the never ending gorgeous weather. Monday was Dan and Bob's day to head back. It was wonderful having everyone coming together for the holiday - as always so thankful for all God's blessings...."

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