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Autumn in New Hampshire
Posted by Tina on Saturday, October 29, 2011 - 06:13 PM
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Events Stuff Tina writes " Our fall trip this year had an unexpected delayed start. Due to an ill flight attendant on our Delta flight we did not fly out on Wednesday, September 28th.This was the first time we boarded a plane and then had to disembark 30 minutes later. Even thought we lost one day of our trip and ended up flying out Thursday morning all was well that end's well! We booked a cottage on Squam Lake for Thursday night and woke Friday morning to a beautiful sunny day! We took the boat excursion on Squam Lake and saw a good number of loons. These waterbirds have a very unique call that can be described as eerie or mystical depending on your viewpoint. The 1980's movie " On Golden Pond" was filmed here and featured Henry and Jane Fonda as well as Katherine Hepburn. Definitely want to see this movie again.
We spent the next 3 nights in Lincoln,New Hampshire at Bluegreen's South Mountain Resort which they just recently purchased. We had a beautiful one bedroom suite with a lovely view of the mountains! We ended up having 2 days of rainy weather but it was not an issue.We relaxed, found some very good restaurants, and got a chance to unwind. Our last part of our trip we drove the Kacamangus Highway over to Conway and discovered a bounty of hiking trails we hope to sample on our next New Hampshire adventure."

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Dave and Lori and a Dolphin
Posted by Tina on Sunday, October 09, 2011 - 04:33 PM
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Family News Tina writes " Dave and Lori traveled to Florida the middle of September, a close friend of Lori's was married on September 17th in the Clearwater area. We headed up Saturday morning September 17th to join them for a visit and though it was still hot the humidity had dropped a bit. Lori had lots to do since she was a member of the bridal party so during the afternoon Dave, Dan, Dad, and I headed over to Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Winter, the star of the recently released movie, "Dolphin Tale" , became a movie star here - the movie was filmed at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. We watched along with many visitors that day a success story. Back in December 2005 Winter was just a baby bottle nose dolphin who was saved from certain death when she became entangled in a crab pot buoy line. Though she lost her tail ( never to be a wild dolphin again) she has become world famous wearing a prosthetic tail on a scheduled basis to help keep her spinal column properly aligned. I purchased the aquarium's video which features the actual rescue and rehab of Winter to provide my students a real world look into marine mammal rescue/rehab.
Later that evening while Dave and Lori were at the wedding we strolled along the charming downtown sidewalks in Safety Harbor. We had a delicious dinner at the Paradise Restaurant and then headed out to the pier on Safety Harbor to enjoy the sunset. The evening air hinted that fall would eventually arrive. And soon Lori and Dave will be married......."

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Lori's Bridal Shower
Posted by Tina on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - 11:23 PM
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Family News Tina writes " A hot day for sure but then it was August 20th when Lori's family and friends
honored her with a bridal shower. Diana, Lori's older sister, planned a wonderful afternoon at Carrabba's in Cape Coral - from the delicious bruschetta to the scrumptious dessert we enjoyed delicious dining. Gloria, Yoyi, and Alexa came over from Miami for the celebration - we left Paul, Paul Andrew, Dave, and Dan with plenty of Publix deli food so the guys wouldn't have to forage.
It was a wonderful occasion - Diana reserved Carrabba's before they open - so we had the entire restaurant to ourselves and plenty of time to visit and chat with Lori's family and friends. Alexa has been practicing her flower girl walk and is ready for Dave and Lori's wedding! All throughout the afternoon Lori was just glowing- we all know she will be the most beautiful bride. My son Dave is one lucky guy and I am looking forward to soon having 2 wonderful daughters in law....


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Turks and Caicos
Posted by Tina on Friday, July 29, 2011 - 03:17 PM
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Fishing and Boating Tina writes " In the Turks and Caicos it is all about the water, sand and sky! The turquoise waters invite you in and the powdery sand that never burns your feet caresses your sole. For several years I have thought the Turks and Caicos would be a wonderful Caribbean destination and this summer I just had to check it out! The Royal West Indies Resort on Grace Bay was very quiet this time of year as opposed to the Sandals Resort, Beaches ( lots of families there!) The landscaping at our resort was very lovely- one of the 2 pools was tucked away in a lovely garden and a gentle waterfall created a quiet relaxing atmosphere. The other pool was by the resort restaurant and sported some very handsome dolphin mosaics on the pool bottom. Our studio accomodation was very spacious and beautifully decorated. Fortunately we found a small bistro and bakery just down the road which had very reasonable prices and delicious quiche and sandwiches. Food is very expensive on these islands!
We snorkeled 3 of the 4 full days during our visit and found a very lovely beach coral reef just down from the Beaches Resort that was very quiet and so beautiful. We did a boat snorkeling trip which took us to a shallow reef that was equally stunning. However, I have to admit not all areas we snorkeled were lovely. Hurricane Ike in 2008 and probably human impact have damaged different areas of the coral reefs. Bad news-one young man on our boat snorkeling trip saw 2 lionfish! Unfortunately, they are being discovered in greater numbers each year in the Caribbean as well as in Florida. We met a family with 2 little girls on the boat snorkeling trip who were also staying at our resort. They live in Castle Rock, Colorado where we visited last month! Small World!!
I guess my husband and I are in fairly good shape - we actually walked all of Grace Bay during our stay - 12 miles!The only thing missing was the beautiful hillsides of mountainous islands but then the water would not have been that azure blue that keeps bringing people to the Turks and Caicos. As for Jo Jo the bottlenose dolphin he did not come our way. He was probably on vacation........

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Having Fun with the Grandkids
Posted by Tina on Monday, July 25, 2011 - 02:11 AM
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Family News Tina writes " Gloria and Paul came over with Alexa and Paul Andrew the weekend after the 4th of July.Dan had not headed back to Orlando so we had a nice family get together. We did an IChat Friday evening with Lori and Dave- Alexa tried on her flower girl dress and Lori got to see how beautiful Alexa looked in her dress! Paul Andrew is going to look so handsome in his vested suit- did not put him through a try on!!
We spent the weekend playing in the Hyatt's pool, enjoying the water slide and the lazy river. Alexa has become quite a swimmer and just loves water. Paul Andrew is not there yet but give him time. Alexa painted another watercolor picture in her art book and together we worked on fabric painting on a t-shirt. Paul completed his movie on their Disney Cruise and we enjoyed seeing all the beautiful locations they visited and great family pictures. Hope to tag along whenever the family heads overseas again...
There are so many beautiful and amazing places to visit in this world!!!

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