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Washington state trip
Posted by Gene on Saturday, July 16, 2005 - 04:44 AM
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Land Travel Gene writes "We are back in Seattle after 1300+ miles-started with trip to Mt. Rainier, cloudy- we saw parts of it--then across to the Pacific coast(did 2 rainforests) and up around the Olympic Nat. Forest to Cape Flattery-northern most point of US.across to Port Angeles and a ferry to Whidbey Island-here we started to see blue skys.Whidbey Island was nice-could live there--then across to the Cascades and we did the entire Cascade loop--sun and 80+ temp's-best mountains-found Winthrop-an authenic cowboy town-back to Seattle for space needle and aquarium-doing Tacoma tomorrow then on plane at 9:30 for home.lots of pic's to post later-lots of stories and adventures........"

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Miami and Biscayne Bay
Posted by Gene on Sunday, July 10, 2005 - 01:25 AM
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Events Stuff Gene writes "Biscayne Bay Snorkeling??? June 30 Tina and I headed to Paul&Gloria's house to clean the pool and cut the grass-they are in Europe. I liked his small yard but not the large pool. We headed down to Biscayne Bay National Park to try the snorkeling=last time we were there was 18 years ago. They have rebuilt the Visitors center--from Andrew--the boat ride out and back was nice but the snorkeling could have been better-lots of sea fans and other soft corals but few fish-water was cloudy. We enjoyed are days at the house then home to get ready for the trip to Washington State July 7...where we are now and will update our adventures........."

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Keys Fishing Trip
Posted by Tina on Monday, June 13, 2005 - 02:10 AM
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Fishing and Boating Tina writes "Woke up to rain on May 31-the day we left for the Keys.And except for the beautiful sunny drive , it was rainy for our 4 days of fishing.But the rain was not constant,the company was great (George and Kathy and son Andy )are great fun, and the snappers and dolphin cooperated so all in all we had a great time! Tom and Anita were back from Tennessee and came up to Marathon to visit us at Kingsail Resort our last evening. Visited Paul and Gloria on our way back and got a chance to wish all the family a wonderful vacation in Europe. While we were gone we had 10 inches of rain at home in 5 days and Tropical Storm Arlene just swept through 200 miles offshore 2 days ago and brought another 5 inches.What happened to June starting out dry?"

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Tina's Surprise 50th Birthday Party
Posted by Tina on Tuesday, May 24, 2005 - 11:44 PM
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Events Stuff Tina writes "I will never, ever forget May,20,2005!!! The first sign that it was going to be a very special day was when my husband shows up in my classroom around 9:30 and says you might want to watch the Wildcat News Show. Standing beside me as I watch in amazement, a pretaped video of my husband is being shown to the whole school about his wonderful wife who is having a birthday that day and though he vows to never say my age a computer screen is showing a big 50 as he talks. I should have noticed that he twice reminded me on the news show of the dinner date we had that night because there was a big reason he got me away from the house that evening. At lunch Brooke,Carolyn, Viola,Jane, and Jewel gave me a fun celebration with mint brownies,a cute mug, and decoratons that made sure noone forget I was 50! When I got home from school there were black balloons on the front lawn and a huge banner with Happy 50th Birthday.My husband walks out the garage door- he never went to work that day -and together we watch a balloon pop every few minutes from the love bugs landing on them. Then at 5:50 p.m. we head to Chops Bistro and have a lovely dinner and before leaving I decide we will just head home to have some cake later( and forgo dancing) with Mary and Charlie. Before we leave my husband hands me what he brought in to Chop's -a wrinkled hallmark bag with a wrapped box inside. It looked like a DVD box but no it was a beautiful Omega with 3 diamonds( one for each son)- this was totally unexpected and just so lovely. This husband of my mine was just full of surprises!!But the next surprise was the biggest I ever experienced my whole life! As we approached the driveway at 7:30p.m. I start to see what looks like a folding chair and when my husband pulls in to Mary and Charlie's driveway I cannot believe what I am seeing. There is Paul and Gloria, Patti,Phil,Cloe, Audrey, Claire, Laurie,Delaney, Tyler, Camryn, Mary, Charlie, Jerry, Patsy,Shirley,Fred,Brooke, Kent, Jane, Viola ,Jewel,her husband Joe and as time went on Katy and her family, Janet and Randy Bedson, and later Jarall and Isabella came over. There is a huge spread of food, and a huge blownup picture of me with some computer trickery placing a red hat on my head.And there is red hats on almost everyone! The "Desperate Wives of Preserve Way" along with my coworker Brooke and my dear husband managed to create for me all these wonderful birthday celebrations that will never be forgotten and very thoughtful gifts that are deeply appreciated!I only got teary eyed a little and was speechless for just a few moments- the Red hat and boa I wore all that magical evening was what made me strong now that I am an official member at age 50 of the Red Hat Society!!!"

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Mother's Day and Dan's Birthday May 8
Posted by Gene on Monday, May 16, 2005 - 06:41 PM
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Family News Gene writes "I woke up Saturday morning and saw a strange car in the driveway and found David asleep in my office room. He came down from FSU and surprised his mom for mothers day. Later we all left for Miami to Paul's house than on Sunday over to Gloria's parents house to celebrate Mothers Day and surprise Dan on his 19th birthday. No car break down this trip. It was a great time with both families together. Tina is next with her birthday on May 20th. No age given.......... "

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