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Family Get together in Orlando
Posted by Tina on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 - 08:51 PM
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Family News Tina writes " We decided that it would be great if we could fit in a family get together and since we had not visited the Fountains in Orlando this looked like the ideal spot! Dad and I arrived a day ahead of everyone else and along with Dan we got to see a rainstorm that whirled in like a surprise tropical storm. Dan has mentioned from time to time the intensity of Orlando thunderstorms! Wow, he was not joking! Fortunately, the next day when Gloria's parents and grandparents arrived the rain was more tame.
Alexis really enjoyed the pool area and her little dolphin squirt gun! Paul Andrew was in the covered floating toddler seat for just a few minutes when the drowsies hit him hard. I have a complete set of other small squirt guns for them to enjoy next summer when they are a year older!
Dan and Dave headed to Blizzard Beach for a few hours- had a great time but the wait lines were a bit long as to be expected. January is probably the best time for short lines I would imagine. Fortunately, after his class, Paul was able to have dinner with us at Outbacks but unfortunately the space shuttle launch was delayed. I had my fingers crossed that it would happen- blame it on all those pesky afternoon thunderstorms!! "

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A Birthday Poem to Alexa
Posted by Tina on Saturday, May 16, 2009 - 09:21 PM
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Family News Tina writes "
Alexa, Alexa how can it be!
My beautiful granddaughter you now are 3!

No longer a baby, so tiny, so small,
You now stand a whopping 37 inches tall!!

With each passing year our love for you grows,
You have such a beautiful smile and look so cute in those bows!

Your interests are varied but there is no doubt,
You love your Disney Friends and computers you easily figure out!

For sure your 3rd birthday party was a blast
I hope you made a big, gigantic wish,
Cause there's so much all of us want to do with you
And one of them is Grandpa teaching you how to fish!

P.S. Until you're ready Grandma will practice with you with plastic fish!
Love you,


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Paul Andrew and Alexa- Growing Like Weeds!
Posted by Tina on Monday, July 07, 2008 - 06:43 PM
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Family News Tina writes "It is true in Florida that grass grows before your eyes ! As a child in Virginia I often heard adults refer to the children growing like weeds and I thought it so silly a saying. But now as a grandparent I am amazed that in 2-3 weeks how much growth and change occur with Paul Andrew and Alexa. And like sponges they are always taking in everything around them and then later surprising you with their abilities and talents THEY want to share. No doubt all children display similiar behaviors but each have their own personalties, likes and dislikes, and just when you think you figured them out they can totally surprise you. This grandmother does act a bit silly and "Goofy" at times but thanks to Alexa and Paul Andrew I do not have to make excuses!!!!"

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Spring is soon a Memory!
Posted by Tina on Tuesday, April 29, 2008 - 02:49 AM
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Family News Tina writes " Since Paul Andrew's birth we have found ourselves at Paul and Gloria's more than ever! Mary came over with us one weekend to meet Paul Andrew and see Alexa and then drove back with Dee Dee and Keith after their week in Marathon. It worked out that the weekend our spring cruise on the NCL Sun began that Dave was also coming down to Miami for a job related convention. It was amazing how big Paul Andrew was after not seeing him for 3 weeks.He might have been smaller than Alexa at birth but he is definitely on the fast track. Looking at photos of Alexa I see some resemblance between him and her. And I see some of Gloria but we all seem to agree that there is no strong resemblance like Paul and Alexa. I guess time will tell- just like his eyes- will they be hazel with maybe a touch of green?
Alexa's birthday at Gymboree was so much fun for the children! Alexa could not get enough of the " bounce along the long cylinder and land into the inner tube". She must have got in line over a half dozen times. Paul Andrew spent the whole party dozing in our arms. He just loves to be held! To his parents surprise he slept until 6:00 a.m.that morning. Maybe he will give Paul and Gloria more rest.....
We gave Alexa her first Duplo set ( preschool version of Legos). Time will tell if she becomes a big fan of Legos like her Dad and Uncles Dave and Uncle Dan.

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The Best Valentines Gift!
Posted by Tina on Friday, February 15, 2008 - 02:47 AM
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Family News Tina writes " We received a wondeful early Valentines Gift- Gloria delivered a beautiful son, Paul Andrew on February 11th! Already he has charmed this Grandma.I was in seventh heaven as I rocked the little fella - many wonderful memories of his big sister Alexa when she was a newborn danced through my mind. Like her such a sweet baby....
Paul Andrew is the 4th generation Paul in the Csonka family- we welcome him and rejoice in his arrival!"

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