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Lori's Bridal Shower
Posted by Tina on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - 11:23 PM
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Family News Tina writes " A hot day for sure but then it was August 20th when Lori's family and friends
honored her with a bridal shower. Diana, Lori's older sister, planned a wonderful afternoon at Carrabba's in Cape Coral - from the delicious bruschetta to the scrumptious dessert we enjoyed delicious dining. Gloria, Yoyi, and Alexa came over from Miami for the celebration - we left Paul, Paul Andrew, Dave, and Dan with plenty of Publix deli food so the guys wouldn't have to forage.
It was a wonderful occasion - Diana reserved Carrabba's before they open - so we had the entire restaurant to ourselves and plenty of time to visit and chat with Lori's family and friends. Alexa has been practicing her flower girl walk and is ready for Dave and Lori's wedding! All throughout the afternoon Lori was just glowing- we all know she will be the most beautiful bride. My son Dave is one lucky guy and I am looking forward to soon having 2 wonderful daughters in law....


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Having Fun with the Grandkids
Posted by Tina on Monday, July 25, 2011 - 02:11 AM
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Family News Tina writes " Gloria and Paul came over with Alexa and Paul Andrew the weekend after the 4th of July.Dan had not headed back to Orlando so we had a nice family get together. We did an IChat Friday evening with Lori and Dave- Alexa tried on her flower girl dress and Lori got to see how beautiful Alexa looked in her dress! Paul Andrew is going to look so handsome in his vested suit- did not put him through a try on!!
We spent the weekend playing in the Hyatt's pool, enjoying the water slide and the lazy river. Alexa has become quite a swimmer and just loves water. Paul Andrew is not there yet but give him time. Alexa painted another watercolor picture in her art book and together we worked on fabric painting on a t-shirt. Paul completed his movie on their Disney Cruise and we enjoyed seeing all the beautiful locations they visited and great family pictures. Hope to tag along whenever the family heads overseas again...
There are so many beautiful and amazing places to visit in this world!!!

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Colorado- Dave and Lori's New Home!
Posted by Tina on Tuesday, July 05, 2011 - 08:18 PM
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Family News Tina writes " Dave and Lori have been residents of Colorado since winter and we decided as soon as school was out it was time to head west! I wrapped up the school year on June13 and on June 15th Gene, Dan , and I were on a flight to Denver, Colorado to spend time with Dave and Lori and explore the beautiful state of Colorado. The first evening we walked around the Breakers where Dave and Lori live - we could see why they love their new home with all the beautifully landscaped grounds, ponds, and huge lake. David who loves to garden has a plot in the Breaker's community garden- just a short distance from their apartment. We stayed the first 2 nights in Denver - drove out to Castlewood Canyon near Castle Rock, Colorado (about 45 minutes outside of Denver) to sight see on our first day. Enjoyed lunch at the Stone Church Restaurant- scrumptious entrees at what was once a church! The next morning Dave and Lori joined us on a 3 day visit to Estes Park, Colorado. This mountain town is a gateway to the Rocky Mountains National Park and is ELK CAPITAL in my book! We stayed at the Evergreen Cabins on the Fall River. It was a great choice- the river was directly behind our cabin, elk all around the area, beautiful mountains in all directions, 3 miles from downtown Estes Park and 2 miles from the Rocky Mountain National Park entrance. Need I say more... Well, yes I finally saw my Bullwinkle. A huge,bull moose at Beaver's Pond in the RMNP just resting 20 feet from where I stood. I never got to see him stand but no complaints from me. In the nearby meadow a female moose with a very young baby moose was a sight to behold! While heading back to Estes Park we drove in falling snow that afternoon in the Alpine area. On this trip we experienced mid 30's in the Rockies and later in Denver it did reach 90 degrees one day.
Our next locale to visit was the Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs area of Colorado. We visited the Garden of the Gods- beautiful red rock formations, drove up to the summit of Pikes Peak (14,110 ft.), visited Florissant Fossil Monument, Cripple Creek( old gold mining town now a town of 12 casinos), and the impressive Air Force Academy.
We headed back to Denver and spent the last 3 nights further enjoying Dave, Lori, and their little dog Jack's company. About 35 miles from their place is Clear Creek and so Dave and Dan enjoyed white water rafting while my friend Nancy Avalon (who lives in the Denver area) joined Gene and I for some fun in Idaho Springs while the guys rafted. They had a spectacular time and no spills in the water for them! The last day in Denver we ate dinner and walked around the Denver Downtown Mall. I just loved the horse drawn carriages!!
Before we knew it- it was time to head back home! Our visit to Colorado was filled with spectacular scenery, sightings of so many critters- elk, moose,prairie dogs, chipmunks, and too many birds to count! Enjoyed delicious dining and most of all the simple pleasure of being with family. Already looking forward to our next visit.....

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Paul and Dan Graduate!!
Posted by Tina on Saturday, May 14, 2011 - 05:27 PM
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Family News Tina writes " On April 16 we drove up to Gainesville to attend Paul's MBA graduation. We rose early the next morning for the 9:00 am graduation and 50 degree weather was a reminder how different Gainsville's weather is compared to South Florida! Alexa and Paul Andrew attended their Daddy's graduation which was quite entertaining with lots of laughter! The UF professors chosen by the graduates as outstanding instructors shared several humorous stories about the graduates that were indeed very funny... After the ceremony we headed outdoors and someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around and there is my brother Tom!! He arrived just in time to congratulate Paul and also Dan whose graduation was 3 weeks later.
Dan's graduation on May 7th was also at 9am just like Paul's. Dave flew in on May 6th - this was his first time back to Florida since moving to Denver in January. The graduation ceremony began with bagpipe players leading the graduates. I am a lover of Celtic music and bagpipes- this was a wonderful ceremonial entrance! The UCF Arena floor was completely filled with graduates but we were able with the photographic skills of Paul and Dad to get video and pictures of Dan during graduation.
To celebrate the achievements of both my oldest and youngest son we spent the rest of the weekend at Blizzard Beach and Sea World. We had a wonderful time at Blizzard Beach. Not sure who had more fun- the "big kids" or the grand kids !!!"

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Alexa is Five!!
Posted by Tina on Saturday, May 14, 2011 - 04:57 PM
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Family News Tina writes " Alexa celebrated her 5th Birthday at The Little Diva's - a fun party place - with her little friends on Sunday, May 1st! All the little girls were treated to fingernail and toenail polishing and hair styling. Decked out in spa robes and the most adorable flip flops decorated by Yoyi the little girls were a sight to behold!It was a very Happy Birthday for Alexa- not at all a diva- just a beautiful princess..."

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