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Happy New Year 2014
Contributed By Tina on 2014-01-01 20:38:25
Family News The New Year of 2014 has begun! To all my family, relatives, and friends I wish for 2014 to bring you many treasured moments!
The year of 2013 brought my family as well as extended family new job opportunities, new homes, and two blessed events, the Armand marriages. These wonderful accomplishments and new beginnings filled my heart with happiness! My grandchildren, Alexa and Paul Andrew, continue to light up my life and allow me to be a kid again. And their hugs just melt my heart.....
I am grateful that my dear husband and I were able to travel to so many wonderful places and also visit family along the way. I will never forget our hikes this year in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Colorado Rockies!
It is now time to say goodbye to 2013 and tuck all these memories away and welcome 2014. Indeed the new year has begun......
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