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Alaska Bound
Contributed By Tina on 2013-07-07 17:27:53
Cruise Travel I have been guilty of modifying Gene's vacation plans over the last decade but this was the first time I advanced a planned vacation! The plan was to do an Alaskan cruise for our 40th anniversary in 2014. Well, we just returned from Alaska 2 weeks ago leaving my dear husband to plan another 40th wedding anniversary...
We sailed on the NCL Jewel visiting Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway , Alaska with a final stop at Victoria, Vancouver Island. Packing a combination of short and long sleeve shirts as well as rain ponchos I figured we were ready for chilly Alaska! To our amazement the sun was out for much of our visit and we had low 80's in Skagway! The rain gear stayed in the luggage....
Excursions can be quite expensive but we struck a balance that was not too expensive. We visited Totem Bight State Park in Ketchikan and enjoyed a great guided tour of the Native Americans life in Alaska. In Juneau we went on a whale watch with Allen Marine Tours and viewed a group of 14 humpback whales taking turns in a cooperative fishing maneuver called bubble netting . Later that day the cruise ship sailing through the Tracey Arm Fijord was absolutely stunning. On our balcony with sunny skies Gene was videotaping off and on for 4 hours! Seeing the ice field was amazing and I never dreamed we would see mother seals with their pup floating by on ice rafts! We ended up booking on the cruise ship the Liarsville excursion which included some sightseeing from the bus, a short hike to a lovely waterfall, and a delicious salmon bake. We ate at a gold mining camp that was recreated at the same site where in the late 1890's fortune seekers began their dangerous trek to the Yukon. We enjoyed the show provided and even got the opportunity to go panning for gold! Together Gene and I found 13 flakes valued at about $10.00!
Our final stop was at Victoria, Vancouver Island where we visited the Butchart Gardens. These spectacular gardens were a feast for the eyes and once again we enjoyed them on a sunny day! We arrived the next day back in Seattle and my cousin Stella and her husband Doug picked us up at the cruise dock and throughout the day we did some sightseeing, dined out and visited their lovely home. It has been 6 years since we last got together and it was wonderful seeing them again!
We almost ended up staying overnight in Seattle with them when we found out our red eye that night was cancelled. We ended up getting placed on an Alaskan Airlines plane which was quite nice and had a great crew. Alaska for sure was a great adventure and Gene will probably need many weeks to work on all the video and photos he took throughout our trip. But then it was Alaska.......

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