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Winter-Spring 2013
Contributed By Tina on 2013-05-05 17:02:34
Family News From the lack of entries ( since December) one would think I had not one interesting or fun event to discuss or I was just too busy ( a lame excuse). So, on this beautiful Cinco de Mayo day, relaxing by my lovely butterfly garden, I will finally
January 1st rolled in quietly and for most of the month it was mid 80's and definitely not sweater days. Great for snowbirds but not for me- grumble, grumble.
Katie's wedding shower was a fun-filled event on January 13th. It was a beautiful day and Yoyi as always outdid herself. The guests loved the 50's Housewife Theme-
the 50's magazine illustrations posted on the white door were hilarious as so our comments we posted! On a different note Yoyi displayed a variety of photos of family members depicting special events and weddings that took place decades ago in Cuba. It was so heartwarming sharing the family history.... And then there was the pink stove on display ! In all my life I never knew that pink ovens existed!
February 2nd arrived and Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, which means an early spring. Well that groundhog got it wrong. Winter kicked in to gear and not just in Florida. My spring break in late March had daily lows of the upper 40's! And just 4 days ago on May 1st Denver got several inches of snow! On February 16th we celebrated Karen's birthday, our wonderful neighbor across the street, with her friends and family. We had lots of fun and stories to share... The first part of March Karen and I took a sewing class to learn how to sew with knit fabrics. I want to teach Alexa one day how to sew. Her Dad when he was
a small boy learned to do cross stitch and needlepoint!
Katie and Eddy's wedding day arrived on March 16th. Just like Paul and Gloria as well as Dave and Lori's wedding days you could not ask for a prettier day. Katie was beautiful beyond words and indeed one could not find a more beautiful or handsome wedding party! Alexa , our beautiful princess and Paul Andrew our handsome prince were unforgettable in their wedding finery..... The reception was a spectacular event celebrating the marriage of a very special couple we dearly love-Katie and Eddy.
On April 20th Gene and I did our Earth Day participation at Estero High which we have done for many years. The native plants are flourishing that my students and I planted over a decade ago but there are still problem plants we have to
keep under control. On April 26th we watched the EverBlades play ice hockey- it has been many years since we watched them play but unfortunately they lost in overtime.
I have to mention Gene got a great deal on a ton of flowers and so we went crazy planting them all over the yard. It definitely looks like spring has sprung here in our yard! I also have quite a few tomato plants started by seed back in February- time will tell if I have a green thumb like Gene.....

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