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Is it Fall Yet?
Contributed By Tina on 2012-11-04 12:30:56
Events Stuff My oh my it is now November 4th! A sweet sounding storm named Tropical
Storm Sandy gave us wonderful autumn breezes last weekend in Florida, but the massive storm was an unwelcome visitor to the Jersey shore and New York City. Yes, it is fall here in Florida AND yes it is still hurricane season !!
The weekend after Labor Day Paul, Gloria, and the grandkids came over for a beach getaway. We stayed at the Hilton Edgewater Hotel in Naples which offers great gulf front views from their suites. Alexa and Paul Andrew enjoyed playing in the sand with their Dad and Uncle Dan assisting in castle construction. Alexa was transformed into a mermaid by covering her with sand and shell decor. I brought a Strawberry Shortcake kite for flying that was not very cooperative - got to make the kite we used to build at Wright Brothers National Memorial for our next kite flying attempt. Alexa did venture into the gulf but was a bit apprehensive remembering the stings she got back in July in Sarasota. We now have a lotion that is supposed to protect the skin if we have more of these episodes ....
On September 29th Gene and I flew to Manchester, New Hampshire for a weeklong visit. The leaves were stunning this year and we found so many new places to visit. The Mount Washington visit was my turn to drive up a steep and basically barrier free road that is not as intense as Pikes Peak but enough for me at the wheel. My dear husband and I hiked up to Lonesome Lake in Franconia Notch which was our most strenuous hike ever attempted. Strewn with rocks and a steep incline we amazed ourselves how well our legs endured the climb! We drove to the Lake Region and Seacoast of New Hampshire (which is only 18 miles)
on our way back to Manchester the end of our visit.
The weekend before Halloween we headed over to Miami bringing an aquarium and stand for Alexa and Paul Andrew. Alexa and Paul Andrew set up their new tank with our assistance and on Sunday we went to a pet store and Alexa picked out two cute fantail goldfish she named Isabella and Phineas . The rest of the weekend we spent much of the time outdoors enjoying the wonderful weather and enjoyed breakfast and dinner with the Armands and the abuelos.
Yesterday, we drove up to Tampa to see Dave and Lori- they were in Florida to attend a wedding but we managed to get together for a few hours. The newlyweds have now been married for a year- does not seem like a year already!!
Speaking of time- Thanksgiving is only 17 days away!!!

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