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Water Weekend
Contributed By Tina on 2012-06-22 13:07:00
Family News After our return from the Georgia Mountains , Paul brought the family over to Estero for a weekend of "watery" fun! The weather was perfect and not too hot but that would not have been a problem. We were like fish spending most of the time in the pools and lazy river! Alexa got in some practice using her swim mask. When we both went underwater to see each other she gave Grandma the biggest smile! The mask did not leak and was a good fit but smiling underwater was a problem :)
On the last day of their visit we took the shuttle boat to the beach and had fun building a sandcastle. We arrived at low tide which allowed Paul Andrew to venture out in the gulf waters. He had so much fun as the gentle waves passed him by and even this Grandma felt sooo relaxed in the calming water . Yes, we had a perfect beach adventure!

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