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Heating up!
Posted by Tina on Friday, May 23, 2008 - 12:03 AM
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Home News Tina writes "Well I spoke too soon! The humid air has descended on South Florida. Last year at this time school was finished. This year students are done on June 6th-everyone agrees the old schedule was much better! We did not travel anywhere last weekend- it would have been tough since my dear husband has been hurting now for over a week with back , leg, and hip pain. And all he did was reach over the table to put a bead back in its container. What about all those heavy bags of rocks he lifted last summer? Go figure..... Here's hoping physical therapy helps. Some updates-the May 10th Key Largo snorkeling trip was good but the water clarity did not rival last year's. Paul did manage to get some excellent baracuda video footage.It was wonderful visiting with the grandchildren and enjoyed spending Mother's Day at the Armand's. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family! ! "

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Just Retired !!
Posted by Gene on Monday, February 04, 2008 - 03:28 AM
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Home News Gene writes "Yes, I finally did it.Officially retired on Jan.14 at 10:30am after 43 years in education. I"m getting used too Tina getting up at 5;45 am and me staying in bed until 9. It has been an adjustment but I'm managing, trying to work inside and outside each day, but with the weather being so nice for February, I'm outside most of the day. Signing up for all the social security and medicare paperwork has taken much of that inside time. Should get my first S.S. check tomorrow. We have a new kitten, "Meschu" will put up some pic's. We got her so Tiger would have some one to play with but she keeps him going all day long. They have really bonded, even thouigh Tiger's look doesn't always agree. Paul Andrew is due in a few weeks, car is always gassed up-we are ready to go to Miami. Got a new roof on house, lawnmower has died and we need a new boat trailor, so much for saving any money. Come on Giants!! 29 seconds to go!!! They did it!! Great game.
And wonderful wife wins $100 for the first quarter score in a football pool. "

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Summer Projects
Posted by Tina on Monday, August 06, 2007 - 05:15 PM
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Home News Tina writes "The last 2 weeks my dear husband and I have decided to take the plunge and create a small water lily pond near the front door. With the dead cycad's large root removed the remaining hole begged to be replaced with something calming like moving water and colorful like water lily plants. Gene selected a beautiful rock called Tennessee Cobblestone for accents and with our frog statuary and colorful water lily plants we created a little retreat to relax when the temperatures cool down some. Dan has been here for a week between his move to a new apartment the middle of August. He had to bring home all his stuff but since he is no a pack rat like his mom he was able to get everything in the car.
Water Lily Pond
Gloria, Paul, and Alexa were here this past weekend. Alexa seemed to really enjoy playing in our pool. She was kicking her legs as she was being held tummy down in the water and did not get upset when she got occaisonally got water on her face. We got to hear all her new words-never guessed fish would be on that list of firsts! Paul and I completed another summer project- a 16 minute coral reef video we started in May. His technical talent and my creative input resulted in a narrated video on the coral reef ecosystem in the Florida Keys. "

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Dan's Spring Break
Posted by Tina on Friday, June 01, 2007 - 12:39 AM
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Home News Tina writes "Dan's Spring Break was over 2 months ago but since I am a firm believer of " better late than never" I am going to "catchup on my writing"! School has been out for 6 days and due to the ruling on school start time my dear husband and I still have 10 more weeks ! Yahooo!!! So if my memory serves me right .... Gloria and Paul came over with Alexa and we hit the new Apple Store Opening at Waterside shops in Naples , then had a delicious lunch at the Silver Spoon. Back at the house Alexa had a blast in her bounce house and just plowed right in!!!She was constantly pulling up but not walking yet.Definitely into speed crawling from room to room which kept us busy following her around.I finished sewing Alexa's bunny dress. Not bad for my first try at sewing little dresses but hope to get in more practice this summer. We treated Dan to dinner at Islamorado Fish House in the new Gulfcoast Mall before he headed back to UCF- it was a nice ending to Dan's spring break with us.

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Wine tasting in Estero!
Posted by Tina on Sunday, March 04, 2007 - 06:09 PM
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Home News Tina writes "Gene and I have previously enjoyed wine tasting in the wine country of California and on our last cruise when rough seas cancelled our stop in Cozumel and we substituted a wine tasting event on the ship. Yesterday we decided to visit "The Grape" at our Coconut Mall and with lovely outdoor weather we planted ourselves in their outdoor cafe . We had a splash of several white and red wines to complement my Greek salad and Gene's Roast Beef Sandwich. Complimentary bread and dipping oil rounded out our meal. The menu includes a wide array of appetizers, salads.pitas,sandwiches, fruits, desserts plus pages upon pages of wine choices.Our favorite for this first visit was for me a Zolo Sauvigon Blanc and for Gene a Pennautier Cabardes. Mine was fruity and flowery-what can I say! "

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