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School's Out!
Posted by Tina on Wednesday, May 31, 2006 - 12:05 AM
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School News Tina writes "May has been a busy month!Our beautiful ,sweet Alexa's arrival on May 1 has brought so much happiness to the Armands and Csonkas. Paul and Gloria keep us posted with I Chats but needless to say every chance we get we find a way to get to Miami to see our little "munchkin". On May 13 after our snorkeling trip with my students we headed back with Paul and Arturo to Miami to spend Mother's Day. The snorkeling was great on Saturday but spending time with all of the family was simply wonderful! We had a very hectic last 2 weeks but a Memorial Weekend trip for Gene and I was just what we needed to relax and unwind. On the way down Friday to the Keys the rain stopped at Marathon - a good omen for the weekend. Without reservations we were able to get a boat rented for Saturday due to a cancellation so all in all we were very lucky. We stayed at the Hammocks- a lovely
place on the bayfront with pool, hot tub,ship's store and Barnie's - a tiki style restaurant. On Monday we drove back to Goria and Paul's for another visit to check on Alexa's progress. At exactly one month of age she is holding her head up with surprising strength, almost grabs the bottle out of your hand, looks at Paul's camera like she knows she is a movie star, and is smiling for varied silly behavior ( though Grandpa Csonka reminds us it is probably not our amusing antics but gas the source of her little smiles. Only Alexa knows ......."

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Back to School
Posted by Gene on Wednesday, August 17, 2005 - 12:31 AM
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School News Gene writes "Summers over and we are back to school--Tina gets to stay at Estero while I make to trip to Sanibel each morning.After an anxious beginning I am enjoying my days on the Island. New library with all the new "Toys" equipment I could want. Small classes,small school--300 students K--8. never worked with the little ones before but it has been interesting getting down to their level--litterally I am down on my knees showing them how to use the computer. Paul changed jobs, Dave got hired at FSU and Dan starts his sophomore year at UCF. Its very hot here, little rain but no storms---YET.."

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