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Is it Fall Yet?
Posted by Tina on Sunday, November 04, 2012 - 05:30 PM
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Events Stuff Tina writes " My oh my it is now November 4th! A sweet sounding storm named Tropical
Storm Sandy gave us wonderful autumn breezes last weekend in Florida, but the massive storm was an unwelcome visitor to the Jersey shore and New York City. Yes, it is fall here in Florida AND yes it is still hurricane season !!
The weekend after Labor Day Paul, Gloria, and the grandkids came over for a beach getaway. We stayed at the Hilton Edgewater Hotel in Naples which offers great gulf front views from their suites. Alexa and Paul Andrew enjoyed playing in the sand with their Dad and Uncle Dan assisting in castle construction. Alexa was transformed into a mermaid by covering her with sand and shell decor. I brought a Strawberry Shortcake kite for flying that was not very cooperative - got to make the kite we used to build at Wright Brothers National Memorial for our next kite flying attempt. Alexa did venture into the gulf but was a bit apprehensive remembering the stings she got back in July in Sarasota. We now have a lotion that is supposed to protect the skin if we have more of these episodes ....
On September 29th Gene and I flew to Manchester, New Hampshire for a weeklong visit. The leaves were stunning this year and we found so many new places to visit. The Mount Washington visit was my turn to drive up a steep and basically barrier free road that is not as intense as Pikes Peak but enough for me at the wheel. My dear husband and I hiked up to Lonesome Lake in Franconia Notch which was our most strenuous hike ever attempted. Strewn with rocks and a steep incline we amazed ourselves how well our legs endured the climb! We drove to the Lake Region and Seacoast of New Hampshire (which is only 18 miles)
on our way back to Manchester the end of our visit.
The weekend before Halloween we headed over to Miami bringing an aquarium and stand for Alexa and Paul Andrew. Alexa and Paul Andrew set up their new tank with our assistance and on Sunday we went to a pet store and Alexa picked out two cute fantail goldfish she named Isabella and Phineas . The rest of the weekend we spent much of the time outdoors enjoying the wonderful weather and enjoyed breakfast and dinner with the Armands and the abuelos.
Yesterday, we drove up to Tampa to see Dave and Lori- they were in Florida to attend a wedding but we managed to get together for a few hours. The newlyweds have now been married for a year- does not seem like a year already!!
Speaking of time- Thanksgiving is only 17 days away!!!

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Good Times in Georgia
Posted by Tina on Friday, June 22, 2012 - 01:00 AM
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Events Stuff Tina writes " Two weeks ago my dear husband and I were ready for our relaxing escape to the Sweetwater Getaway Cabin on Fightingtown Creek near Blue Ridge, Georgia. One evening back in February I found this cabin on the internet and I immediately knew this was the cabin for us!!
We arrived May 31st and everything was as I hoped. The cabin was well maintained, soooo cozy inside, lots of homey touches, and the porch was a hop, skip, and jump to the creek. Fightingtown Creek is fairly wide at Sweetwater Getaway Cabin and is lively with gentle rapids and a bit of quiet water. But I could still hear the sound of the stream even in our bedroom. My cousin Mary and her husband Mike drove from Charlotte, N.C. to spend a couple of days with us. We enjoyed the Blue Ridge Scenic Train Ride with them and checked out some local restaurants. During the week we visited Vogel's State Park , hiked on the Aska Trail System, made it up to Brasstown Bald , Georgia"s highest mountain at 4,784 ft. They say on a clear day a keen eye can spy the skyscrapers of Atlanta !! We returned to Unocoi State Park for their all you can eat trout dinner. Gene did flyfish several times on Fightingtown Creek but no luck catching anything. Fish or no fish this is still my kind of place to relax.
We did visit the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta before we fly out the evening of June 7th. This is the only aquarium in the U.S.A. that has whale sharks ( 4 of them) as well as the majestic manta ray. This aquarium is defintely one to visit more than once, that is if I can learn to deal with Atlanta's interstate system. Yes, I am truly a country girl more ways than one...."

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Happy Thanksgiving 2011
Posted by Tina on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 - 12:14 AM
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Events Stuff Tina writes " Well, it is now just 12 days till Christmas so I guess I better write a bit about Thanksgiving.... We missed Dave and Lori but we had a delightful I-Chat with them. Alexa and Paul Andrew were having a grand time playing in the living room as we chatted. Alexa had brought over to Estero all the Thanksgiving projects she had created at school and Lori and Dave got to see all her beautiful work as well!
I had Fresh Market provide the Thanksgiving dinner with some side dishes I made plus the pumpkin pie Alexa and I made. I was not impressed with their dinner- I think Boston Market does a better job with their turkey and sides. We had beautiful weather- wish it had cooled down a bit more but not bad. We enjoyed the playgrounds at the nearby Estero Community Park and at Fountain Lakes. Alexa used her uncles' wagon to help grandpa pick up pine cones - remember those days in North Carolina with countless pine trees! We went over to Estero High School twice- on Thanksgiving Day Alexa and Paul Andrew got to see and feed the fish in my classroom and Paul fed my touch tank specimens. We headed over the second time to launch the model rockets and it was a miracle that Dan found the bigger of the 2 rockets. It performed beautifully but just a few feet more and it would have landed in the large retention pond behind the school. Black Friday shopping was successful for Gloria and Paul - their ski outfits from the Columbia Clothes Outlet are stunning and were a bargain!! Alexa and Paul Andrew had a blast in the bounce house as usual and Alexa enjoyed the doll house Jessie gave us a year ago.
It was a busy Thanksgiving filled with lots of family fun and some spilled drink and food. Brings back memories when Paul and his brothers were youngsters....

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Lori and Dave's Wedding
Posted by Tina on Saturday, October 29, 2011 - 07:53 PM
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Events Stuff Tina writes " It had rained for days starting on October 16th. The weather reports promised a cold front would follow. A gift that only God can give - beautiful blue skies and 70's temperatures descended upon us as we arrived in Orlando. By Thursday, October 20th everyone had arrived by car and plane - we arrived with my brother Bob at the Wyndam Lake Buena Vista soon to be followed with Lori's family. While the guys got their tux order collected and corrected the gals ( Edna, Tina, Lori, Diana, and Donna) headed to a nearby nails salon for a deluxe pampering manicure/ pedicure! That evening we headed to Pointe Orlando and ended up at Maggiano's where family and friends got a chance to spend some time together before the wedding.
Lori and Dave's wedding day had arrived. The beautiful autumn weather had settled in and promised a wedding day we all had prayed would unfold. By late afternoon all the gals hair and makeup were complete and it was time to head down to Town Manor in Auburndale. As Gene drove my thoughts were of family and all the joyful moments we have shared. These are the moments in time you cherish in your heart forever. And then "the moment" arrived! it was time to begin the wedding ceremony. I was escorted by my youngest son and Dave's best man, Dan, to the front row. And just before Lori's bridal walk, Alexa performed her flower girl duty wonderfully, gently dropping the rose petals as she advanced forward. And then Lori, a vision of beauty, appeared and was escorted by her Dad. At that moment I knew tears would be difficult to keep in check... But soon we all applauded and cheered as Dave and Lori had their "first married" kiss! Dave and Lori were now husband and wife.
Lots of picture taking and videotaping, delicious dining and toasts to Lori and Dave, and of course dancing followed. Alexa shares my joy of dancing and it touched my heart to see her and her little brother Paul Andrew dancing together. The sunset at Town Manor on Lake Juliana was stunning that evening and one that I indeed will never forget. Lori and Dave's wedding, a moment in time to remember and cherish forever..."

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Autumn in New Hampshire
Posted by Tina on Saturday, October 29, 2011 - 06:13 PM
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Events Stuff Tina writes " Our fall trip this year had an unexpected delayed start. Due to an ill flight attendant on our Delta flight we did not fly out on Wednesday, September 28th.This was the first time we boarded a plane and then had to disembark 30 minutes later. Even thought we lost one day of our trip and ended up flying out Thursday morning all was well that end's well! We booked a cottage on Squam Lake for Thursday night and woke Friday morning to a beautiful sunny day! We took the boat excursion on Squam Lake and saw a good number of loons. These waterbirds have a very unique call that can be described as eerie or mystical depending on your viewpoint. The 1980's movie " On Golden Pond" was filmed here and featured Henry and Jane Fonda as well as Katherine Hepburn. Definitely want to see this movie again.
We spent the next 3 nights in Lincoln,New Hampshire at Bluegreen's South Mountain Resort which they just recently purchased. We had a beautiful one bedroom suite with a lovely view of the mountains! We ended up having 2 days of rainy weather but it was not an issue.We relaxed, found some very good restaurants, and got a chance to unwind. Our last part of our trip we drove the Kacamangus Highway over to Conway and discovered a bounty of hiking trails we hope to sample on our next New Hampshire adventure."

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